Modern free standing kitchen unit

Modern free standing kitchen unit – image credit

Many friends and customers asked me why I recommend free standing kitchen units.
I have 8 answers to this question:

  1. Free standing kitchen units are easy to install. It is almost five times faster than a regular kitchen.
  2. Free standing units are easy to maintain. If a kitchen top is damaged, you’ll have to replace the top for one unit only. If a water leakage damaged your unit, you call the woodwork guys; they’ll take it out, repair it and put it back in no time.
  3. Free standing units give you designing freedom. The kitchen does not look overladen; the free standing units create beautifully separated spaces which interconnect together into attractive cozy kitchen. Your kitchen does not look like a storage place but has the character of its owner.
  4. Any design style can use free standing units. Even the modern clear lined kitchens, look more attractive with the small braking space between the units.
  5. Easy to clean; except for the sink units, for which you need to have plumbing skills, all the rest can be moved around and cleaned. The wall units are easy to take down; just pick them up and detach from the wall.
  6. Rearrange your kitchen if you got bored with the way it looks and feels.
  7. Replace the units if you decided that you need something else.
  8. Take your kitchen in your new home.
Free standing kitchen units

Free standing kitchen units

What are the disadvantages of the free standing kitchen units?
One only; if your kitchen is too small, you may have the feeling that you are losing a precious space, but that is actually not true.
Three floor units next to each other would consume about 220mm storage space at most (not for each, but for three of them).
Considering the benefits, those 22cm are acceptable loss of space.

Normally the wall units need more space between them, in order to achieve aesthetical look and feeling, but if you need more space in them, that wouldn’t be a real challenge for a good designer.
I’ve heard the argument that free standing kitchen units cannot always match the design concept of the house. Some people even say that free standing kitchen units are only good for country style kitchens.

My answer is: find the right designer to match your requirements.

Do you agree?
Give us your opinion, please.

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