The lintel side of the kitchen
Country Style

Country Style Kitchen

Few months ago, the owner of Alpine Butchery & Deli ask me to make for his wife a nice small kitchen country style kitchen. (By the way, Alpine Butchery & Deli is one of the best butchery with restaurant in Johannesburg. Delicious food, fresh meat and VERY attractive prices! Check it out! Read more…

Free standing kitchen
Country Style

Kitchen bedroom scullery and guestroom

Kitchen bedroom scullery and guestroom will be the first project listed in our new website.

kitchen bedroom scullery and guestroom

Free standing kitchen

Few weeks ago Nick & Nelly Joinery started a new project.
We are furnishing the new house of a lovely lady with fine taste of a country style furnishing.
The spacious north facing kitchen will be arranged from a free standing units painted in dove gray with a fine touch of a blue shade.
A beautiful kitchen server will be placed right under one of the windows.
The scullery design follows the line of the stylish kitchen and will be also arranged from a free standing units.