When you plan your new kitchen, use professional kitchen designer and professional kitchen builder for your kitchen project.

That will save you money and troubles.

In the beginning of the last year a lovely lady called us to help with her new kitchen, which was built only ten months ago.

Apart from the poor design, the kitchen started to disintegrate. It was made from a low quality melamine boards. The client asked us to change only the doors and the drawer faces with MDF (supawood) material. After an extensive discussion we decided that it won’t make any good to put expensive saddle on a crippled horse.

So, we started from a scratch as a completely new kitchen project.

We made some changes on the kitchen layout and design, changing the cupboards functionality in order to utilize the space in them.
For instance in the place of the corner drawers which are terrible space eaters we made a corner cabinet with a carousel inside.
We also changed the place of the fridge, moving it in the opposite corner next to the microwave oven and filling its place with a beautiful welsh dresser. The base for the cupboards was improperly done, so we had to change it too.
The only thing in the new kitchen project which we left in place was the red kitchen counter tops, which were chosen to match the fridge color. Being constrained by the counter tops we couldn’t make dramatic changes in the kitchen layout. Yet the changes are clearly visible and the client is happy with the completely new kitchen.

Everything was made from MDF (supawood) double coated with Dulux water-based paint, and slightly distressed with glaze coat on top to give it kind of antique worn-out look.
We used soft closing hinges, ball-bearing and heavy duty drawer runners from Häfele

And here are some photos to show you the difference between before and after.

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