A little more than three months ago, two men came to visit us in our workshop.
A person from London, was looking for a company to make the kitchen for his wife in their Zimbabwean house.
Fortunately for us, Simon Ainsworth-Taylor who’s also English but leaves in Cape Town and is managing this project from the South African side, found our company on the Internet and recommended us for the job.

I know, you are already confused, aren’t you 😀
How London, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Zimbabwe are connected in this story?
Well, let me explain.
Years ago our client worked on a project in Zimbabwe.
His wife fell in love with the country, and her husband promised that one day he will build for her a house in this small town.
I suppose not all of us live up to our promises but our client definitely does.
If you are a man, don’t hide this post from your wife, but learn not to be easy on promises 😉
So, because our client couldn’t find woodwork company in Zimbabwe, he decided to find one in Johannesburg and transport the kitchen to Zimbabwe.

The project includes kitchen, scullery, pantry and utility room.
Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the installation in the pantry and the scullery, so I have photos only for the kitchen and the utility room.
Anyway, I may post some more photos when the local woodworker finish with the rest of the installation.

The kitchen island and the display cabinet are made out of the best and darkest mahogany I could find in South Africa.
They wanted the mahogany to be whitewashed and we had to brush all the wood, paint it white and then send it with very fine sand paper.
The technique gives an old aged look of the units and it matches very well with all the shabby chic furniture which will come around them.
Because we weren’t sure how much white to leave on the mahogany, we made it a little too white and left sandpaper in case Portia wants to show a little more of the wood. It is a matter of sanding and cleaning with wet cloth.
We are sure that everybody can do it.

And here are some photos from the Zimbabwean kitchen and utility room.
(Note that the design is not ours. We worked from drawings)


Steve Desi on Facebook · July 30, 2013 at 2:36 pm

This looks fantastic!!!

    Nick & Nelly · July 30, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    Thank you, Steve and Desi 🙂

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