We’ve just finished the most unusual woodwork job we’ve ever done.
Who wold think that we will make packaging for Ferrari coffee machines.
Yesterday we delivered the boxes for Espresso Veloce’s Ferrari coffee machines.
Here they are:

Ferrari coffee machine boxes

Guess what goes in this boxes.

You are probably wondering what goes in this boxes.
Here it is:

Amazing, eh!?
And guess what – these coffee machines not only look like Ferrari engine, but are made from the same materials the actual Ferrari engine is made.
The coffee made with these machines is as good as Italian coffee could be, and even better.

Visit  Espresso Veloce web site and learn more about this amazing Italian engineering art.
If you want to order one, you’ll have to be patient. The waiting line is quite long but if you buy me a beer, I’ll cut the line for you 😉


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Gabriela Ianeva on Facebook · March 11, 2013 at 6:21 pm

stunning !

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