And we are again in Thornhill neighborhood, Johannesburg.

We’ve already made four kitchens in this beautiful, and homey feeling estate, and by the look of it, a fifth one is on its way.
November last year, Nerissa and Paolo called us for a quotation on their new kitchen.
Probably bored with the look of the old kitchen and because they decided to do complete home renovation, they wanted a new kitchen and they new exactly how it will look.
After a short but intensive brainstorm, Nerissa and Nelly had the kitchen design done, more in their minds than on paper, and I already knew (in my mind) that our quote will be accepted.

However the first job for Nerissa and Paolo was to change the doors and make some changes on their bedroom wardrobe, which we did, and the result was satisfactory, with a small remark – Paolo didn’t quite like the fееl of the paint, which he chose. We always work with Dulux paints, and he chose Plascon.
But that was the lesson for the kitchen, which we painted with Dulux “Silver Bird”.

The kitchen is not small, but not very big either.

The old one was kind of closed on one side with a counter top between the fridge wall and the fireplace, on which back now you see floating shelves.
(The fireplace serves as separation between the lounge and the kitchen.)
The new kitchen design left that space open, thus making the kitchen space accessible from both sides. The old kitchen had a corner grocery cabinet where now is the chalk board, and it was kind of squeezing the whole space, making it even smaller than it already was.
With the new design we took it away and even made the top wall unit to stay away from the wall. Few centimeters empty space and the mind is deceived that the space is big enough to have that gap. And the room becomes bigger… 😉
Well, it is actually big enough to have an island in the middle, which makes you go round all the time, but also being a constant invitation to sit and have a beer with a piece of biltong chopped on the butcher block, of course, saying it from man’s point of view. Women normally drink wine… or something more expensive.
Any way, I’m not going to go deep into detail about the kitchen layout, comfortability, practicality, et cetera, et cetera…

The kitchen looks great, Nerissa and Paolo are happy, and we are happy.

That’s all that matters before the money.
You are happy – you happily pay.
You’ve been happily paid – you are even happier.

I was going to finish with the above “wisdom”, and I’ll finish, but just to point your attention to the stacking doors on one of the photos. Paolo was so happy with our work, that he ordered those doors, which we took as a bonus of having more happiness in return.

And that is all about this last kitchen in Thornhill.
Last for now…


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Kotie · November 25, 2016 at 7:51 am

Good Mornng

Please send me your contact details, we are busy building and we built a farmstyle type of house

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