A long, long time ago I made a mahogany kitchen in Douglasdale, Johannesburg, for Maria and Peter.
Yesterday I was at their home, working on Peter’s office and I took few photos from Maria’s kitchen.
Oh, there is also very interesting TV cabinet, which I made by Peter’s design.
Everything is made from mahogany wood and mahogany veneered boards, with slight touch (again Peter’s idea) of creamy white.
I also made all the doors, door framing, vanity cabinets, dining and coffee tables, kid’s wall units and a lot more in their house, but I’ll show you the rest some other time.

Now you can only criticize me on the kitchen and the TV cabinet 😉
And here is Maria’s kitchen in Johannesburg.

By the way, if you have kids and you need good school and best care, call Maria.
In her Montessori School your kids will be treated like angels in the paradise.
It is Maria Montesorri School, owned and managed by Maria, on Maria street 🙂

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