OK, dear readers, here is our last

kitchen project in Parkhurst, Johannesburg.

We did it for Chris, a lovely young man who just bought and renovated his first house.
I have to say that after the renovation the house became a small (but not very small) jewel.

Chris personally made the design and we did not change a bit of it. There was nothing to change on this perfect minimalist kitchen design. Well, to be fair I was quite reserved about the color, but once the kitchen was installed, the color just came out as the best touch in the project. It is one color which actually gives the impression of few color shades perfectly combined under the different light cast in the room.

The scullery

was quite of a challenge. It had to fit the different height, wall niches and limited space.
Now while writing this it came to my mind that I did not take photo of the spice racks we made for two of the scullery doors. Chris was very specific about them. They don’t bring only convenience but also a beauty from inside. I’m sure that you know that feeling when you open a beautiful unit and inside it is ugly or boring.
Well, that is not the case with Chris’ units.

As part of the kitchen project we had to make a

bar unit with mirror and shelves.

Chris said that he didn’t believe we would agree to make it, and to be honest I didn’t believe I agreed to do it. But we did it… with the second try. OK, it wasn’t a try. We did it from the first time, but the holes in the mirror were poor quality and the mirror cracked on the second day.
We ordered new mirror, this time they drilled it with CNC machine. Few weeks after the installation, Chris didn’t call me with a bad news.

Another part of the kitchen project was a


which is not a bookcase, but more of a display unit with store space under the shelves. We made a small mistake on this unit, by making the bottom part a bit too low. Some mistakes though can turn to a beautiful end. We had to fix it by adding a raw of drawers, which wasn’t in the design drawings, and thanks God for this mistake. Take a look at the end result. Isn’t it beautiful?

The Gallery



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