That was so long time ago, that I wouldn’t remember this kitchen design job if it wasn’t for the lovely couple Zuerita and Thinus (and their mother). They found us on the Internet and came to visit our small factory and to chat about their project which wasn’t just a kitchen, but full house renovation – kitchen, bedroom cupboards for all their bedrooms, vanity cabinets for all the bathrooms, pantry, scullery and braai area. After short conversation I and Nelly were pretty sure that our quotation will be accepted, not because we are very cheap, but because we were excited to work with these lovely people.

Kitchen design

Zuerita had few requirements for the design, which we had to work with, and implement as best as we could. I personally like her idea for the small wooden drawers under the glass unit, on the kitchen island and the shelf above the kitchen island. Another requirement was the kitchen cupboards to be on kick-plate base, but our production manager, which lately was fired (not for this mistake), made the bases on legs. Of course we could put kick plates over the legs, but at the end we all agreed that the leg base is more practical and better looking with the whole kitchen design. And that is to show that some mistakes make the work better.

The kitchen island

Don’t remember whose idea was to have wine rack on the kitchen island, but it was a brilliant touch.
In this job was the first time we make barn doors for the bathrooms and for the pantry. I didn’t know that there is a company which makes and sells the mechanisms and the rails for barn doors, and had to make my own design and order it with a steel working company. The doors came up quite attractive and practical to use.

The wardrobes

The wardrobes for the main bedroom we had to make as a walk-in wardrobe area, and again Zuerita came up with the easy idea to separate the bedroom from the wardrobe area with a glass frame, as seen on the photo below. Nice, eh?

I’m not showing here all the vanity cabinets, but they are pretty much the same; single and double sink vanities, with towel shelf, drawers and doors.

Everything was made from double coated meranti, pine, MDF (supawood), Kiaat counter top for the kitchen island and engineered stone for the rest.

Here are few photos from this job:


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