Kitchen bedroom scullery and guestroom will be the first project listed in our new website.

kitchen bedroom scullery and guestroom

Free standing kitchen

Few weeks ago Nick & Nelly Joinery started a new project.
We are furnishing the new house of a lovely lady with fine taste of a country style furnishing.
The spacious north facing kitchen will be arranged from a free standing units painted in dove gray with a fine touch of a blue shade.
A beautiful kitchen server will be placed right under one of the windows.
The scullery design follows the line of the stylish kitchen and will be also arranged from a free standing units.

The picture above is just to give you an idea about the work and the style.
However the top kitchen units will differ in shape and color.
The curved cottage look of the top units sides will be changed with strait deep grooved narrow sides and the cabinet backings will be also grooved.

The kitchen will have three wall shelf units with grooved backings, crowns (like those from the picture) and hidden lights underneath.

A big wall unit will be placed in the bedroom.
The bathrooms will have lovely vanity units and a linen cabinets will draw the visitors attention in one of the passages.
The guest room will take its build-in cabinet.

The finished kitchen project can be seen here.

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