Kitchen and library area is today’s project in our website.

With all the work on our hands and heads we don’t have time to keep our website up to date with all the projects. I hope that our clients will not be cross with us for not displaying their projects on our website, but it is very difficult and almost impossible to display all projects we work on.

Today I stumbled upon photos from a project we did some  four months ago For Safiyyah and Ebrahim – a lovely Indian couple who bought their new home in Kyalami.
They asked on the WhatsApp community group for a good kitchen company which already did work in the area and Max  said few good words about us. Thank you, Max! Only now I see that although your kitchen is on the front page of our website, it is not displayed in our gallery, but we will fix that with our next post.

A farm house in South Africa

is normally designed with a big lounge area, where the kitchen, the dining and the TV areas are in one open space and this is what we had to work with.
The kitchen had to be designed as an open plane but in the same time separated from the rest in its own clearly distinguished  corner, because the woman must know where exactly the kitchen ends, right 😉

Safiyyah had a very good idea to use a bookcase as a separation between the kitchen and the library area. With the kitchen island on the other side the kitchen area was formed. A corner bookshelf on the other side  gave the library area a beautiful finish and then we just had to put a massive dining table with 60 mm thick top from Rhodesian Teak (sorry we didn’t make a photo of the table) and the whole space became not just a kitchen and library but, kitchen, library, kids area, breakfast area with kitchen island, dining place and TV corner. And all that seamlessly flowing into each other.

Of course a farm house needs a scullery, and there is one, not very big, but spacious enough to accommodate the needs of an Indian woman.

Here it is,

Kitchen and library with all the rest:

And here are two photos of the place before and during the installation:

Kitchen area before

Kitchen area before

Kitchen installation

Kitchen installation

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