And we are back with a post about kitchen and bedrooms project.

Mrs Chrissie du Barry is the lovely lady who trusted us with her beautiful home, redesigned by  Celeste Friedrich (remember Celeste from this project and this one?)
Well, no need to say that the house looks completely different, more spacious and absolutely gorgeous.
The house renovation was done by Property Pinpoint. (It is always pleasure to work with Gerrit Woudstra, whose precision and eye for the detail is remarkable.)

The kitchen space flows into the dining area, goes to the corner cabinet, through the sitting area, into the beautiful patio.
There was no way to make a mistake in the kitchen design. Every single inch had its natural purpose which couldn’t be missed by any designer.

The new designed corner window, with beautiful wooden blinds, gives the feeling of being connected with the small garden in front of it, with clear view on the gate entrance, and even extends to the street where the neighbor kids play and the dogs enjoy the street trees.

As you can see from the photos, Nelly designed the kitchen following the compact space, which allows for corner pantry cabinet, working top with drawers and a spice cabinet on the side of the beautiful gas stove.
Chrissie insisted on having kitchen island, and we had to give her one.
It is a small but very useful island where the kids or the husband can make company to mum while she is practicing her daily magics.
A small welsh dresser is complimenting the kitchen island area, and the doors had to be with glass diamond panels.
Further on the side we put a corner cabinet, which separates the dining from the sitting area, which connects with the patio (sorry, I forgot to take photos of the unit which we made for the patio).
And that is all about the kitchen.

On the second floor we had to make and install the bedroom cupboards, TV cabinet for one of the bedrooms, bedside tables, dressing room and the vanity cabinets (again sorry, no photos for the vanities and the dressing room)
Note the beautiful big mirror next to one of the cupboards.
Chrissie took the frame from one of the replaced room doors, and asked me to place a mirror in it. Beautiful, isn’t it 😀

Oh, and I almost forgot about the linen cupboard in the staircase area. Again diamond panels, but this time with mirror.

And this is all about Chrissie’s “kitchen and bedrooms”project.
It is amazing how little space in a blog post needs such a big house and two months of work.


Jean-Adri · October 19, 2016 at 1:12 pm

What is the price for the grocery cupboard.

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