Kitchen Gallery for Simon’s kitchen woodwork.

Many of our clients are asking us why their kitchens are not listed in our kitchen gallery.
To all of you precious clients, our sincere apologies and our promises that  your kitchens will be uploaded in our website the moment we have nice photos from them.

Here we go now with Joe’s and Simon’s kitchen.
They are neighbours with Nicci and Allister for whom we made kitchen, scullery, bedroom wardrobes and well, almost full house. Although their house was firs, we still don’t have decent photos for our gallery, but we did post few pictures from their kitchen.
So, Joe and Simon saw Nicci’s kitchen and they asked us to make their kitchen as well.
We never refuse to nice people.

Layout and design

The kitchen layout was made by the Celeste Friedrich who made the architectural plans for Nicci’s house, Joe’s house and another client of ours, with whose kitchen we are still busy.
We particularly like the corner floating shelves which just complete the space.
The units design though was made by Nelly, and I love the small square doors she put on the top of the central kitchen unit.

The countertops we made from Kiaat wood which together with the heavy looking dining table is giving very warm and relaxing filling in the whole open plan area.
What is quite interesting in this kitchen is that we had to make the base units with 50mm taller than the normal 900mm. Can you guess why? No, you’ll never guess.
Because Simon is the one who mostly does the cooking in the kitchen, and because he is quite tall, he needs taller base units 😀

Another interesting design idea was the connection of the kitchen island with the drawer unit on the corner wall. Again Celeste’s perfect idea.

Here is a small kitchen gallery photos from Joe’s kitchen and scullery.
Sorry, we don’t have photo of the table.

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