To make an industrial kitchen was something new for our company, and we were quite exited when our clients Marianne and Marius came with their request.

They both had very clear idea as of what exactly will look the kitchen, and we didn’t have to use much of our designing knowledge 😉
Their house is in a very beautiful residential estate with houses that are crying for industrial kitchen style.

The kitchen itself is open plan, connected to the living room in a way that one cannot really see where the kitchen ends and where the lounge starts. This feeling was enhanced with a wooden breakfast island positioned just where the kitchen ends.

Well, we called it “breakfast island”, but it actually can be and is used for everyday activities, including office work.
For the kitchen work we made a kitchen island with beautiful porcelain basin and granite counter top.

Next to it there is a specially designed coffee station and on the opposite side there is the fridge unit. On the short side is the beautiful BIG stove with real industrial steam extractor and wooden shelves on steel brackets on both sides.

Marianne’s best idea was the kitchen chest of drawers.

The drawer faces we made with different color and solid wood. Once we put it in place, we could see the dramatic change it makes.

Right opposite it is the scullery.

Now the interesting thing about this kitchen is the number of the colors we used in it.
I’m not sure, but I think that we painted it with four different colors. And they all came together in a very beautiful artistic way.

Apart from the kitchen we were asked to make the staircase for Marianne’s house. The handrail was quite of a challenge provided that the metal rail was poorly done and it was very difficult for us to follow the curve.

And the last thing was the beautiful vanity we made for the very beautiful basin Marianne and Marius bough from Liebermann Pottery

Take a look on the photos and tell us would you put such kitchen in your home.

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