How was the end of 2017 for Nick and Nelly Kitchens

Well, it was intense and hectic, but also very fruitful.
We’ve been forced into our first work on modern kitchen design, and we proved that we are good with any kitchen style.
Nick and Nelly Kitchens is a small company, and probably this is the reason to be always busy, but to make and install four kitchens in three months was a bit of a too much for us.

We didn’t have time in the rush to take photos of all of them, and in this post I’ll show you four kitchens from the end of the year and the time before that.

So, let us start with Helen’s kitchen.

She was very clear about it – “I want clean, flat, modern kitchen design!”

How modern is it?
Well, it is without handles.
It wasn’t only the kitchen and the scullery by the way.
We made for her two big bedroom wardrobes, two vanities and a koridor cabinet.
Sorry, we don’t have photos for all of it.
Helen’s kitchen we installed just after the middle of October.

Then there was the kitchen for Charl and Theresa from Secunda.

Of we go to Secunda in the worst rain for kitchen transportation, offload, install in five hours and go back to Johannesburg to start on Janet’s kitchen.

Janet lives in a very beautiful estate in Midrand… I think.
Beautiful house, which was just flooded by the rain. It was fixed for the installation.
Her kitchen island resembles the one from Secunda, but it was big enough to embed a nice butcher block in it.
Made the kitchen in no time, installed it for even less time and rush rush for the last one.

The last kitchen was the darkest kitchen we’ve ever made.

Dark, dark, very dark blue-to-gray color with white stone countertops. Looks nice though, said the client.
At least this one was close, some 20km from us.
It was not a big kitchen; one corner, sink cupboard and server under the window.
Sorry, but don’t have a decent photos to show.

By the way, all the photos that you see below are made in a rush, during and after the kitchen installations. It is not a very good way to present our work, but something is better than nothing, right.

Oh, and you may ask why there are photos from Britt’s kitchen. I don’t even remember when did we install it. Was it the beginning of 2017, the middle of the year or the year before that. But I like the floor tiles.

And here we go with the photos. Which one do you like most?

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