Few months ago, the owner of Alpine Butchery & Deli ask me to make for his wife a nice small kitchen country style kitchen.
(By the way, Alpine Butchery & Deli is one of the best butchery with restaurant in Johannesburg. Delicious food, fresh meat and VERY attractive prices! Check it out! You’ll love it.)

We showed them few ideas about country style kitchen design and materials, and they loved our country style kitchen style, of course 😀

The space wasn’t very small, but there was a lintel that we had to work around.
The best way to do it was to make the kitchen from free standing inits.
They chose slightly of white color for the kitchen, on white walls, which made the black granite tops to show up in a very vivid beautiful way.

I’d say that the kitchen came out as a stunning small country style chef’s sanctuary.
See it for yourself.


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Robyn Riskowitz · August 1, 2014 at 11:14 am

We are looking at buying a house that is in very bad condition and are interested in having a freestanding kitchen. We love the look of your kitchens and are wondering if you could give us some indication as to what your kitchen units cost.

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