It all started with an email and ended up with bookcase TV and vanity cabinet.

Few weeks ago a lovely woman by the name of Amanda, wrote me an email with a request for a bookcase.
Why not?
We do everything from wood planters to kitchens.
And there she goes and pays a deposit, for her bookcase without even hearing me on the phone.
That was so sweet and trustful 🙂
And then she decides that a bookcase is not enough and she orders TV and vanity cabinet.

The bookcase unit we made with a stepladder resting on the third shelf, instead of the usual way of using rail. It is cleaner and not too old styled.
The stained ash wood and paneled doors and bookcase sides gives enough of a old feeling on the unit.

The vanity cabinet top we made from strand woven bamboo, triple sealed with waterproof varnish, which we guarantee will outlive two human generations.

Here are Amanda’s bookcase TV and vanity cabinet.

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TV Stands · May 21, 2012 at 9:42 am

WOW! Those are really nice! Very classy and elegant, I just love the design simple yet very modern.

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