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Nicci’s kitchen and Brenda’s chocolate shop

Kitchen photos from our last woodwork. There is never enough time for writing a proper post on our weblog, but we can always find few minutes for few kitchen and woodwork photos. So here are three photos from Brenda’s chocolate shop “Avantier” which she opened in Long Point (shop №2) And here is a quick teaser from […]

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Colorful woodwork can be classy

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Colorful woodwork Overburdening with colors is not recommended in woodwork, but sometimes colorful woodwork can be classy. Few weeks ago Mrs Kammy Naidoo sent me drawings for two kitchen cabinets. She clearly specified the colors – Westerly (blue) and Sunkissed (yellow). We made the third color, which was supposed to be very light blue. I […]

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How to do a kitchen renovation?

Lately we get a lot of quotation requests for kitchen renovations. There are three reasons to renovate your kitchen: it is too old and it is falling apart it is old and damaged tired of it and want something new, more appealing to your changed personality and bank account. If #3 applies to you, you […]

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