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Bookcase TV and vanity cabinet

It all started with an email and ended up with bookcase TV and vanity cabinet. Few weeks ago a lovely woman by the name of Amanda, wrote me an email with a request for a bookcase. Why not? We do everything from wood planters to kitchens. And there she goes and pays a deposit, for […]

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Kitchen bedroom scullery and guestroom

Kitchen bedroom scullery and guestroom will be the first project listed in our new website. Few weeks ago Nick & Nelly Joinery started a new project. We are furnishing the new house of a lovely lady with fine taste of a country style furnishing. The spacious north facing kitchen will be arranged from a free […]

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Country kitchens from Nick & Nelly Joinery

Nick & Nelly Country Kitchen is a small family business, located in Fourways Farmall, Johannesburg. Our company is focused on producing unique country style wood furniture. We are well known for our handmade products,which are unique in their appearance. Nick and Nelly Kitchens produces everything from cheese boards to complete house furnishing. However, we are mostly known […]

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