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Joanne’s Kitchen

As usual we post our work with quite big delay. This time it is Joanne’s kitchen. After years away from their beautiful home at Hartbeespoort they decided to renovate it and move and make it their home again. Joanne and her husband Chris were easy clients. They came to our office, explained in few words what […]

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Nadia’s room: TV cabinet, dressing table and bookcase

TV cabinet, dressing table and bookcase should be good enough proof that I’m not a bad dad. Here are few photos of the TV cabinet, dressing table, coffee table and bookcase, which I made for our daughter Nadia (here she is, feeding a cute dassie). Completely free of charge, of course. Oh, almost forgot the bed […]

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Maritia’s TV cabinet

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Today Maritia’s name popped up in my email list and reminded me that I’ve never posted photo of Maritia’s TV cabinet which we made for her. The story of this TV unit is quite interesting. Maritia wanted to have a pine made TV cabinet in an old shabby style. I gave her a price, but […]

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Bookcase TV and vanity cabinet

It all started with an email and ended up with bookcase TV and vanity cabinet. Few weeks ago a lovely woman by the name of Amanda, wrote me an email with a request for a bookcase. Why not? We do everything from wood planters to kitchens. And there she goes and pays a deposit, for […]

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